Xiaomi Yi Action Camera – Review

  Consider Subscribing today. Xiaomi Yi Action Camera – Full Review with Sample Footage By Aron Jemison @ 3tailsRV.com We have used the Xiaomi Yi action camera now for the past 2 years (like the first one so much, we now own 2) and have served us well. We have documented our RV Travel Blogs, RV adventure & DIY projects videos using this camera and uploaded then for our YouTube channel (3tailsRV). I highly recommend this camera as a low-budget GoPro alternative and I feel it is a great addition to…

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Z1 Rider 2: Unboxing, setup, test footage and review

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Neewer Z1 Rider 2: Unboxing, setup, test footage and review! By Aron Jemison @ 3tailsRV.com  dated August 20, 2016 We recently purchased a new piece of camera gear (aka New toy) to get some sweet stable action camera footage! Keep in mind that this is not a paid advertisement just my own thought about this product. Today I will be completing an unboxing, basic setup, test footage and final a review of the Neewer Z1 Rider, so here goes: I bought this Neewer Z1 Rider 2 gimbal with my own money (not…

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