Cheap easy DIY RV Awning Cover under 20 dollars

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Awnings are one of the most expensive and under appropriated items most RV owners own.  In this installment of 3tailRV we show you a Cheap Easy DIY RV Awning cover under $20.00.   This project will take you less then 2 hours to complete and will protect your RV awning form the harmful effect of water, UV rays, dirt, debris, and bugs for many years.

Let’s get started!

Items you will need for this project:

4 inch by 10 foot solid Codex pipe (x2)
(purchased form Lowe’s Item #: 187408 | Model #: DW0ER040010)
Circular saw/Jig Saw
Chop saw/Hacksaw
Tape Measure
Sand Paper (80 Grit)

Disclaimer : 
This video & blog are for demonstration purposes only. If you do not feel comfortable working on or install products on your RV you should have the work done by an authorized RV repair facility.

Creating the DIY Awning Protector

DSC 6985
DSC 6985
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First step is to set up your Awning.

Next we measure the length of the awning

Now we want to assemble the 2 pieces of Pipe

Then we take measurements and transcribe them to the Pipe

(note we wanted the connector to me in the middle of the awning) so we made 2 cuts so it would be centered)

Now we cut the piping we using a chop saw, but you can also use a hack saw.

After all the cuts were made we took a piece of 8-0 grit sand paper and removed any sharp edges

For the next step we used the factory line on the cap and placed tape along the pipe

Then pulled it the length of the pipe. Pressing the tape down and into place.

Leaving enough tape to tuck into the pipe.

Next we used out circular sway and cut the piping along the tape edge.

Take your time and go slow.

Once the cuts have been completed remove the tape.


The install the awning cover:

You can use a ladder, but I found it easier to do this from on top of the RV.

I found it Easier to pull the pipe apart along the edge where we just cut, the plastic corrugate has plenty of play and will retain its shape.

Then just push and press the tubing over the awning and there you have it, another simple and effective project for you RV.


After thoughts:

This has been installed on our RV for about 2 weeks now and looks great.  If I had to do this again I would have added snaps or Velcro to the ends of each pipe and on the center to help hold it all together.  Yes it adds to the overall cost, but would rather have the extra security to knowing that it will not fall of the RV.

I have not used this while traveling down the road so you will have to try this at your own risk. If you have and question or comments please leave us a message below.

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Until next time.

Aron and Lori Jemison
Live simple, live free and enjoy the Ride
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