RV Adventures – Las Vegas (Part 2)

by Aron Jemison @ 3tailsRV




Got up and  got ready, but the showers had no hot water.   Went to the front desk and had a nice chat with the manager.  He offered to let us use another room to take showers and complementary vulture for breakfast. That seemed reasonable to us, shower taken and ready for some grub.  Off to the buffet we go, still overwhelmed by the different verity of foods they offered and this time it was FREE! so we had an extra couple cups of coffee or two and we headed to OLD TOWN we went for some more exploring.
We could not have asked for better weather for our trip. The sun was shining, and I don’t think that it ever got above 67 degrees.  Just gorgeous.
There was a car expo that had just warped up so there where plenty of vintage cars that where being loaded for there journey home. Here are a few that we saw.
Tons of Casino’s, lots of shops, and plenty enough places to get a bite to eat, and lots and lots of walking, our only regret is not being able to see Old Town at night. Unfortunately we had a plane to catch and would not make it back down (maybe next time).

From there we headed back to Circus Circus via the RTC. Lori’s mom needed to rest up from all the walking and we needed a little down time our self’s. Time to hit the slots, now we are not big gamblers, but when in VEGAS you have to do some. So we hit the penny slots cant hurt to much doing it that way and I think we spent maybe 20.00 together playing.  Well take a look at what I ended up going home with.

So it looks like another complementary vulture for dinners to me.

Later that afternoon we decided to check out the Secret Gardens of Siegfreid and Roy. This is a must see while in Vegas. Lori and I could not believe that we were in a motel in the middle of the strip walking into a tropical paradise. Vast trees and vegetation, waterfalls and majestic pools of crystal clear water inhabited by Some of the most graceful creates ever “bottle-nose dauphins and white bangle tigers”.

Standing along side one of the pools we watching as the dauphins whisked around playfully in the pools, ever so curious of the many people as they passed by. To our surprised that we had gotten there just in time to see then feeding/training section. We watch in awe as they went through the different tricks, feeding and answered the crowd’s questions. Now it was time to head off to the underground observation area. I could have stayed there all day just watch as they dancing, playful, and glided through the water with grace.

The next area we came to was the Lions, Tigers and Leopards area (no Bears oh my), filled with more stunning landscape and spectacular sculptures.  Lori quickly got away from us and made her way toward what she wanted to see most, the baby “tiger cubs”. In the maternity ward where 2 baby tigers both passed out from way to much excitement from there already long day.  The video of them does not do them any justices, but hay that will give you a great reason to come and take a peek next time your in Vegas.  It was time to move on and after prying Lori’s face from the maternity wards window. We followed down the path to see what was next and saw  2 massive adult males lions basking in the afternoon sun, I now understood why they call them the king of the jungle because of there massive size. To the left was was an adult male White Bengal Tiger, perched high in the tree watching as all the people maneuvered by.  Just down the trail was Leopards pacing his cage in anticipation of meal time. Around the corner where 3 female White Bengal tigers two perched high above in a tree and the younger one laying behind a water fall of water taking in the suns rays. What a great place to come and just get away from all the hustle and bustle of the Vegas strip.

Like all good things our vacation was over and it was time to head home.   So we hoped you enjoyed this blog and video’s. Watch for more adventures, Tricks/tips and review.

See you again soon,

Aron & Lori (3tailsRV)

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