RV Fiddle’n on the Roof

Today as we where RV fiddle’n on the roof we installed a Maxxair (4000K) fan,  Fan-Tastic Vent cover, and 2 360 Siphon Roof Vents to the roof of our RV.  Install took about 3 hours total, I did not do an install video because they are all over the place on YouTube.

Helpful hints and Tips:

1. Our RV had rounded internal shroud for the stock fans so I needed to cut out the corners.  Used a saber saw and made 2 cuts on each side and the fan slide right in.  Something to keep in mind on older RV’s

2. Make sure you have the 1 tube of dicor and Butyl Seal Tape, because the kit doesn’t come with any.

3. Turn on the fan before the make sure it’s working before the final install. Hate to see anyone get it all installed and have to start over again because the wires got disconnected.

4. Clean the area very well around the fan and vent covers location before installing them.  Any left over caulking or debris will not allow for a good seal to the roof.

Over all I was very happy with the experience of installing the fan and vent cap.  If you watched the video?  I had a major OH SH#@ moment when I put my hand through the skylight above the bathroom.   Guess I know what project I will be taking on next.

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Thanks for watching

Aron & Lori






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