RV Kitchen Renovation – Part 2 – RV pantry led’s lights

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 RV Kitchen Renovations (Part 2)
RV pantry led’s lights

By Aron Jemison video creator at 3TailsRV
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The pantry in our RV has always been a poorly lite space and I wanted to add some light to this area of our RV, so we completed this easy DIY project add a little light to our pantry.
Another simple DIY project adding led’s lighting to your RV pantry. 

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What you will need for this build:




First you will needed to locate a 12 volt power source in your RV.   After removing our RV refrigerator and installing a domestic version in our last video, we had an open 12 volt circuit that can be easily accessed from the outside of our RV. Your location may vary.
I ran the wire up the back of the refrigerator compartment up the back wall and taped it into place.
I then drilled a small hole at the top of the pantry (just big enough for the wire to be fed though) and fed the excess wire into the pantry.

Next I ran the wire up and along the top of the cabinet to the front of the pantry door where I wanted to install the switch and taped the wire into place.

Cut LED'sMe sure for LED's

We then Measure the width of the pantry and I cut the LED strips into the desire lengths. Next I added the wire connectors to the LED strips. (you can also solder the wires to the LED strip light if you desire) now add enough wire to reach back up to the switch. I recommend adding more then you needed and cut it to the desired length.

Location 2Location 1

Now you need to figure out the desired location for your LED’s; I placed ours over the front edge of the Pantry and the underside of the first shelf.  I used 2 strips for each area to give maximum lighting and you can add more or less for your own application. To  installed the LED strips peeled the 3m tape off the back of the LED’s and put them into place ( this is where I recommend using the super glue as the tape does not stick to all surfaces)

Next I run and taped all the wires back up to the switch Location.

I mounted the switch to the upper left corner of the pantry using a PVC tied down and 2 screws.
Now its’s time to Connection all the wires from the LED’s together; red wires together and all the black wires together. Now connect the black wires from the LED’s to the black wire that you brought in from the 12 volt source. Next solder them to the 3rd post on the switch. Now solder the 12 volt from your source to the first post. And finally solder the red wire from the LED’s to the second post.  I soldered them into place (but you can get a female connectors and crimp it to the wires and connect it that way).
Switch Diagram
Now for the best part. Press the switch into the on position and you should see the pantry lights come on.
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