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Sometimes we may be “stuck” in the same place for a couple of weeks–even months. Having a “stationary RV” means special care of the black water holding tank. And we have 5 tips that you should know.

⭐ 1. Do NOT leave the dump valve for the black water open when you are hooked up to a sewer connection at a campsite. By allowing the water to drain away, the solids will accumulate inside the tank. In a very short period of time, the tank will fill with a solid mass and the tank will not drain. You will have a nasty project on your hands if you ever need to clean out a tank in this condition. It’s not an environmentally accepted practice to drain this tank anywhere other than an approved RV dump site.

⭐ 2. Leave the drain valve closed until the tank is 2/3 to full. This will give the solids time to break down, and the tank will more easily empty completely when you do open the valve.

⭐ 3. Always use the approved chemicals in your black water tank. They not only control odor, but they also help break down the toilet paper and solids. By using special RV toilet paper (or brands that are designed to break down quickly), you will be less likely to have problems with clogs. I recently made another video on 2 simple steps to reduce RV black tank odors: https://youtu.be/nRfs8PNF2YI

⭐ 4. Now, about that wonderful monitor panel that indicates the levels of your tank… The black water light will probably be accurate during your first outing, as the toilet is used for the first few times. It’s likely it will never be accurate again. Bits of toilet paper will hang onto the sensors in the tank giving you readings ranging from partially to completely full, when you know darn well the tank is empty.

⭐ 5. If you remain stationary as a full time RVer it’s a good idea to clean your black water tank every so often to eliminate any residual buildup of solids. The easiest way is to stick a Holding Tank Rinsing wand into the toilet and with as much water pressure as is available and spray water into all of the corners and crevices in the tank as possible. Many toilets drop straight into the black water tank making this chore easier and more effective.

🤔Question of the day.. What are some other black tank tips? Let us know in the comment section below and remember that some of the coolest discoveries and ideas come from you the RV community so definitely connects with everybody in the comments section.

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