RV Living Winter Essentials (Episode 3 – RV hoses and storage tanks)

RV Living Winter Essentials
(Episode 3 – hoses and storage tanks)

by Aron Jemison @ 3tailsrv.com

In our previous post we discussed:

Episode 1 – Options on how to seal up your RV and keeping warm during the winter months. https://youtu.be/s1eE4X45ukU

Episode 2 – Options on how to deal with  RV Moisture & Heating – https://youtu.be/s1eE4X45ukU

Now that we’re warm, draft free and hopefully dry inside, now it’s time to deal with the outside of our RV. The first thing we need to do is keep your fresh water hose from freezing. If you are traveling, simply fill your freshwater tank and disconnect it each night. If you are going to be parked for an extended length of time, consider insulating and heating your water hose.

This can easily be completed by using a standard 110v heat tape wrapped in a spiral along the length of the hose and covering with either foam insulation or fiberglass batting and finally wrapping the
insulation with tape. Also don’t forget to insulate the faucet where it connects to the hose and the RV. In moderately cold weather, this should keep your water flowing.If it gets below zero, it may still be necessary to let a faucet drip overnight.

Sewer lines may also need some special attention in sub-freezing weather. It may be necessary to support the hose and provide a continuous slope from the RV sewer connection to the park sewer hookup.
This will keep it from creating an ice plug at the lowest point. In worse case you can use a straight section of thin wall PVC pipe and the necessary fittings to complete your sewer hookup. The PVC will stand up to cold temperatures better than your plastic hose.

Now that our water and sewer lines are protected we need to move on to our fresh water and holding tanks and keep them from freezing. In milder climates, where the temperature routinely rises above freezing during the day, you can usually get by with draining your fresh tank and simply keeping both the gray and black tank valves closed until you need to dump them. If it gets down into the single digits at night and rarely rises above freezing during the day, then you may want to consider insulate and/or heating your tanks If you are parked for a while, tank insulation for exposed holding tanks can be fabricated from fiberglass insulation and light plywood… just build a small lightweight box around the tank and line it with fiberglass. A small electric light bulb can be used to provide a safe source of heat.

Another alternative that can be considered is adding heating pads designed for RV holding tanks. They can be purchased from many RV parts dealers or camping catalogs and will allow you to use the holding tanks as you normally would with no fear of freeze ups.

What is the coldest place you have ever stayed in your RV?  What was the coldest temperature? What other tips for you  have for RV living during the winter months? Leave us your
stories and comments in the comment section below.

Wherever you choose to spend the winter, a little preparation and planning will make your stay more comfortable. So guys that’s it for the video hopefully
you did enjoy it..

For more detailed information check us out at 3tailsrv.com
Episode 1 – Keep the cold air out – https://youtu.be/s1eE4X45ukU
Episode 2 – RV Moisture & Heating – https://youtu.be/s1eE4X45ukU


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