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So, I checking Camping World and then did a quick check on the world wide web and even headed down to Wal Mart, Home Depot and Lowes to see what was available. I building this DIY Water filter system to use in our RV whole house water filter.  With just a little bit of DIY skills you can improve your drinking, cooking, and shower water to be something to be proud of.

The build Video


Parts you will need for this build: (*Note click on the picture to order these items)

Amount Item Picture
2 DuPont whole house water filter systems
2 Hydro life water filter holders
1 carbon wrap 2 phase cartridge
1 3/4 inch NPT ¾ inch Pipe fitting
1 3/4 inch NPT to 3/4 hose male adapters (line out)
1 3/4 inch NPT to 3/4 hose female adapters (line in)
1 Garden hose shut off valve(Optional)
1 Roll of plumbers tape
2 Hose washers
1 3 foot hose (to connect to RV)

Tools needed for this build:

Adjustable Wrench
Eclectic drill and bits


On with the build:

  1. The first step is to install the rubber hose seals on each side of the canister and one to the garden hose shut off.
  2. Next wrap all fittings with plumbers tape.
  3. Now line up the canisters in the proper flow pattern. (in, out, in out)
  4. Then install the ¾ inch to ¾ in PVC pipe fitting (to join the inline of one canister to the outline of the other)
  5. Next install the ¾ inch to hose adapters on both sides of the canister
  6. Next will install the canister O-ring into the slot
  7. Then install the White filter cartridge into the canister.
  8. Next tighten the canister to the canister head.
  9. Repeat step 7 and 8 with the carbon filer
  10. Next shut off the water supply to the RV.
  11. Connect the water line from the water source to the in on the canister head.
  12. Connect the RV approved 3 foot water hose to the out location on the canister head then to the RV inlet.
  13. Turn the water back on and check for leaks. Retighten fittings as needed.
  14. Now it’s time to decide on the best location to mount our filter system. We mouthed our near the back of our coach.
  15. And mount the brackets as desired.



So you are saying to yourself  why do I want to DIY this type of project when I can just go and buy one of these, RV Water Filter

The answer is, that once the big blue filter is put together, you can get two of the filter replacement cartridges for big blue for less than one of the above filters.  Also there is the chance of bacterial build up because, unless you are a full timer you are not using the filter enough.  With the replacement cartridges you can just take it out and throw it away and use a new one next time you go out and you will still be saving money.
But wait there is more.
What if we add a second big blue filter?  Would we gain anything?  You bet.  So let’s do it.

Sediment Replacement Filter

A sediment filter gets rid of: sand, silt, dirt, rust particles and scale particles The park water should come into this filter first, then go through the Drinking Water Filter with Carbon and finally into your rig.  So now we are done right?  Not so fast RVer slow down and keep reading.

The Triple RV Filter
With this type of filter system you have the best possible filter system for still not a lot of money.  So what do you need?  Everything listed above plus an additional 3/4″ Brass Nipple of the correct length to go between two more blue filter canisters.  Plus one more special type sediment filter the Special RV Filter which looks like this,

Special RV Filter

This special filter goes just before the Drinking Water Filter.  I know this looks like a lot of work but it really is not.  It is just a lot of hooking up of pipes to plastic.  You will need some Plumbers White Tape which looks like this,


Mounting the filters
You can use a 2″X 4″ (2×4) of the length you need and mount the filter holders to that as a way of keeping them corralled together or you could mount them in one of the service bays on the rig. It is up to you. The water you will get from the triple filter has to be drunk to be believed.  This system will not take pond water or salt water and make it drinkable.  This will however make city treated or treated well water taste just great.  And the wife’s ice tea will be out of this world.

This video & blog are for demonstration purposes only. If
you do not feel comfortable working on or install
products on your RV you should have the work done
by an authorized RV repair facility.

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